The PORCH Project


Like many old stone houses, the front door of this beautiful family home went straight into the kitchen. Our clients decided they would like a porch to provide a dry place for everyone's wet coats and muddy boots - but also a sheltered place where they could sit and have lunch in the hot summer sun.

Their priority was to have an addition that was in keeping with their original Maison de Maitre. So Mike set to work to draw some plans, and we sourced some old tiles that were a good match for the ones on the main house.

As always, the project started off in the workshop, where it was assembled as a showpiece for the official launch of our new premises, before being dismantled and loaded up... take it to the client's property, for the raising and tiling.

After 4 days on site, the porch was complete. And all for well under 10,000 euros...