A SMALLER project


Our clients were in the middle of their renovation project when they came across En Chêne and wondered whether we could make them an oak frame for their new open-plan kitchen/diner. We could! And for a price that came in at well under 10 000 euros.


The timeframe was quite tight for this project, as the clients had to move out of their old home and into this one just two months later. So we set to work, redesigning the space to include a traditional roof pitch that matched their existing building... 

The frame needed to be up so that the other trades could come in and make the house habitable in time for the move. As the wood was going to be visible inside, the oak had all been painstakingly planed to give a beautiful finish... but that meant it couldn't get wet.

The weather did its best to make life difficult: spring 2018 was a very wet one... So in the end we picked the only 48 hour dry period that came along to put the frame up, knowing it had to be finished come what may!

It started off on a beautiful day...

...but with rain forecast again the next day, the only option was to complete the job in the dark, to ensure the oak didn't get wet.

It was a long day... but well worth it!