A BIG Project


Commissioned in April 2018 and raised six months later, the new yoga barn at the Moulin de Chaves, a meditation and retreat centre in the Dordogne, was a large-scale project with a footprint of 320 m². 


It cost less than 100,000 euros for:

* the design, build and raising of the frame

* the laying of over 2000 hemp and concrete blocks

* the supply and fitting of the glazing


It all started with an idea...


The Moulin wanted a year-round yoga and meditation space that could hold the increasing numbers of visitors that come each year to its residential courses.


They took their idea to Jez, and held some skype discussions with Mike (who was lecturing at a university in China at the time!) who produced some drawings...





...these were approved, so Mike went ahead and did a fully costed design.


Once everyone had agreed on the details, the quote was signed, and the project could get underway.

The oak was ordered from 4 different local saw mills. Over 500 pieces of oak were delivered to our workshop in Excideuil, and Mike set to work.

Meanwhile Jez got underway with the 2000 plus hemp and concrete blocks that needed to be laid... even in the blazing heat.

As soon as Mike had finished one element of the frame, it was assembled in the workshop, to make sure it fitted together perfectly...

...and then it was time to transport the dismantled pieces on site, for the raising to begin.

The timber frame was raised in two two-week periods, to fit around the residential retreats being held at the Moulin. Once it was done, the roofers, glazers and plasterers got to work...  ready for the new season!